Birds In The Bush

Contemporary Birds in the Bush. Sgraffito Nature Art, Original Painting by Laura Barbosa.

24″ x 24″ Original Mixed Media Painting On Auction for 7 Days.

NO RESERVE!! Go To Listing on eBay (Great Price!)

Birds In The Bush by Laura Barbosa - display

Mrs. Owl – Modern Nature Art

“Mrs. Owl” was hand painted with acrylic paint and Detailed with White Ink. It has a contemporary or modern feel and supports the Love for Nature and Spotted Owls. There are many people who love these birds of prey and find them to be interesting and beautiful. I am sure there are many Owl Mom’s who would love to own an Original Painting of their favorite creature. The figure in this artwork has feathers for hair and is wearing a coat made of fallen owl feathers. Her companion is a Spotted Owl she rescued from the forest.

The Original Painting is for sale on eBay on a 3 Day Auction with a (No Reserve) price of $9.99 – To place a BID and receive this art before Christmas, Go Here

spotted owl art

feathers art

wild art