I tried to capture the cute characteristics of plump birds because to me, they are fun to look at and happy to paint. Created with acrylics in flat and 3D paint on 12 x 12in. canvas.

Nesting Bird - display

“NESTING BIRD” – A Plump Bird Nesting with Eggs in a Surreal World. Decorated with flowers and hand painted in hues of yellow, orange, brown and beige.

Garden Bird by Laura Barbosa - display

“GARDEN BIRD” – A plump blue bird sits on a branch singing in the garden on a sunny day. Created on 12x12in. canvas, hand painted in acrylics and blended with spray paint. 2016

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The Great Owl is a Wise Creature with the ability to see the future and can cast spells with wizards. It is a good luck charm and friend to the adventurer. Owls are fascinating animals with a rich history of spiritual beliefs for many cultures. 8×10″ Acrylics on Canvas.

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The Great Owl by Laura Barbosa - display

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The Mystic Owl is a Keeper of Spirits and Sacred Knowledge. A Friend and Guide to Wizards, Seers and Medicine People. An interesting creature with a soul dipped in magic. This image was first hand painted on gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic paint 8×10″. Copyright Laura Barbosa

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Mystical Owl by Laura Barbosa - display

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