The Tune of Los Muertos celebrates loved ones who have passed and come back to visit their family and friends. This is a lowbrow street art style artwork with a folk art feel. A sugar skull singing songs that attract the spirits and souls at a Day of the Dead festival.

12x12in. Hand Painted Acrylics on Canvas. Now on Auction

Tune Of Los Muertos by Laura Barbosa - display

“Love Cats” was created on an 8×10 black canvas and celebrates all the colors of the rainbow as animal art. 2013 This is the last OSWOA black canvas painting, it has one bid so far and ends tomorrow. To place a BID Click Here.

Love Cats by Laura Barbosa - 2013

rainbow art

animal art

ocean art

“Madame Muertos” – Original Hand Painted OSWOA

$34.99 Only One Made!      On auction for 3 Days!

This is Painting in Progress #3, The Final Outcome

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Madame Muertos by Laura Barbosa 2013 - Los Muertos

Sneak Peek at “What’s on the Easel” Today. This is my First Painting in Progress of a Sugar Skull on 8×10 Black Canvas. It will be finished tomorrow and posted. Stay tuned for my other 2 works of art / photos out later today.

I am using Acrylic Paint and Acrylic Markers to Achieve a unique look.

Painting in Progress - Laura Barbosa #1

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Cool, Beautiful and Grim can describe Day Of The Dead Artwork or Dia De Los Muertos Paintings. This is how I would describe “Skulls and Roses”. They were created as a him and her or yin and yang set. The skulls and roses are in a state of opposing forces or are opposite each other in this work of art. Cool colors and warm colors are also opposite and together on one canvas. It’s a cool artwork and it looks really awesome when hung in a room either with the skulls facing each other or turning their backs on each other. This is a versatile diptych and can be hung on the wall in many different patterns.