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There’s no way around it. Art must take risks and risk risks rejection. Is rejection the dark side of art? You throw your soul on the page, on the canvas, in the work, and then you stand all naked and vulnerable while the gatekeeper says yah or nay. Mostly nay. Even when you’re good, you get lots of rejection. I just got a doozy. The person rejected my work–and told me I was an enormously gifted writer. Apparently they were either being over-the … Read More

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I had to create something for St. Valentines Day. This was a multi step process. First the under colors were applied and left to dry and then a wash was put over them to achieve the overall background hue. After that dried I applied the red to form the heart and then waited for that to dry and then applied the varnish. The last step was applying my glossy medium and creating the 3D effect to the heart. Some viewers may look at this piece and say oh, it’s just a heart…. but it took a long time in the making and I am really pleased with the final result. It would make a perfect gift for your sweetheart. Yup, Sweetheart is the title of this piece and it measures 30 x 24″ on a thick gallery wrapped canvas with brown sides. No frame needed and ships ready to hang with Certificate of Authenticity.

Happy Valentine’s Day