New Palette Knife Paintings

4 Impasto Paintings created with a Homemade Palette Knife.

Elephant Colors by Laura Barbosa - display

To Die For by Laura Barbosa - display

Femme Fatale by Laura Barbosa - display

Blue Bird Beauty by Laura Barbosa - display

These artworks were alot of fun and it never ceases to amaze me how many lessons are learned when experimenting with new tools and techniques. I am a daily painter and progress every day in furthering my skills as an artist. Being free to try new things will enhance your minds eye and further the mastery of your craft.

All four paintings measure 8 x 10″ and are on eBay Auction with a Starting bid of $9.99 and no reserve – To Bid on these works of art >Click Here.

nude art

bluebird art

palette knife art

impasto art

Kokeshi Doll Canvas Art

A Painting of a Japanese Kokeshi Doll. Cute and Collectible Kokeshi Doll Art on Canvas is Now on Auction for 3 Days, Starting BID $1.99 BID HERE

Kokeshi by Laura Barbosa - display

Buy a 24 x 30 ” Print of this Kokeshi in Metal, Canvas or Paper.

japanese art

asian art

dolls art

The Cat and The Koi

A colorful rainbow cat and koi fish in an abstract background with polka dots and flowers. 8×10″ Acrylic Painting, Place a Bid for the Original.

The Cat and The Koi by Laura Barbosa - display

kitten art

abstract art

abstract art art