“Love Cats” was created on an 8×10 black canvas and celebrates all the colors of the rainbow as animal art. 2013 This is the last OSWOA black canvas painting, it has one bid so far and ends tomorrow. To place a BID Click Here.

Love Cats by Laura Barbosa - 2013

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The parade in front of the Brooklyn Museum.
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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my experience I had at the Brooklyn Museum this past weekend. I went for the Work Of Art Casting Call. The line was around the block and the wait was about 5 hours in the hot sun. I think it was 93 degrees on Saturday. The best thing about it for me was watching all the dogs go by and all the runners. This was my first time in Brooklyn and I have to say I loved it there. The museum was next to a farmer’s market and a beautiful park. Everyone seemed to be out and walking around.

The bravo team was spot on and made the experience a good one. I saw many spectacles from artists with giant Mohawks to a person driving a giant cupcake. There was giant art, sculptures and so many artists that traveled to Brooklyn from other states. I met some really cool people on-line and one person who tried out for the show last year and was trying to get on again.

For those of you who do not know that I am a self-taught artist. Well, I am and never went to school. I think that some people who support the institution of art and schooling really don’t appreciate someone like me who sells art over the internet without a degree. I was born with a talent that God gave me and I struggle to stay in the game every day. I never had money for school. When I was out of high school my parent at the time did not believe in art school so I could not go. Time went on and I developed my own skills. I have always been a rebel and will always create art from my heart, mind and soul and never be confined into anyone’s standards.

Someday I believe that artists will change the world into a more free thinking place and enhance it with more freedom to be accepted for who we are not what we know. The future is the internet and those who learn how to use it to communicate will be the ones to succeed and the old world way of doing things will eventually be a thing of the past, a museum exhibit with statues of curators with their noses up in the air looking down on all the starving artists who never went to school. We will all look and say, remember when art was only accepted upon these terms.