Wisdom Tree

The Wisdom Tree is a Magical Place created in an Owl Fantasy World. Decorated with Feather Details and Mystical Roses this Colorful Work of Art was Originally Hand Painted in Acrylics and 3D Paint on Cotton Canvas by Artist Laura Barbosa / August 2016.

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Wisdom Tree by Laura Barbosa - display


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Internet sales vs gallery sales

This is a copy of an article I posted on DeviantART to help other artists sell online. I had limited time when it was written but I hope it helps some. Any comments or tips for selling art online is appreciated – Cheers

Internet Vs Art Gallery

I have had success selling original paintings through the internet and have found that the internet is the only place I sell my paintings. I have tried many galleries and for a full time artist who leaves work in galleries, they do not sell fast enough for me to put food on my table or pay any bills so it’s out. (keep in mind I am self taught, have no political connections or know anything about art history other than what I have read on my own and have spent no time hanging out in galleries to establish any connections with buyers, people etc.) I currently am leaving a couple of works in various galleries to see if they sell, but they are still sitting there. so the internet can be a big seller if YOU DO IT RIGHT! I have had to learn all the tricks of selling and it took me 10 years.

All the things you must have for selling on the internet:

1. *A good website* with high quality photos showcasing your work. Make it easy to navigate, set up gallery titles and a buy it now shopping cart to make it easy for collectors to buy your work.

Have a Look at My Website Here

(by no means is my website the overall best!! There are better artist websites on the internet)

1A. *A good biography* includes every art show, gallery exhibition, any kind of award, or anything at all you have done with your art! You must have an artist statement to put at the beginning of your bio. Get others to read it and work on writing a very good artist resume because that is what it is. This must be on your website to look professional and to have people read and want to buy your art. My bio is by no means perfect and there are many BETTER BIOS out there, but you can take a look at mine to start HERE

2A. *customer testimonials* Let people read what others think about your work!

Go Here to Check out my Customer Feedback!

2.* A good blog* with posts about your work, how to demos, new work photos and links to buying them. This must be done religiously.  Again my blog is not the best out there, just an example:

Go To My Blog

3 *good work* Create new work every day to weekly if you are selling over the internet. Your collectors will be waiting to see what is new from you. REMEMBER ***out of sight / out of mind!! Very Important to turn out the best work you can also.

4. *a good camera* You MUST take excellent photos of your work to showcase your talent!

5. *photoshop* or another editor for optimizing art and creating ads, prints, etc…

4 *marketplaces* Use the tools the internet provides such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other marketplaces that have a good reputation for items sold!

5. *Feedback from buyers * plays a big part for my eBay sales

Go Here to Check out my Customer Feedback!

6. *Time* If you are just starting out, it will take time to put into all the internet things you need to sell, make a name for yourself! This is a full time job if you are looking to survive on it. Here is what I tell people: for me “ONE HAND ON THE MOUSE, THE OTHER HOLDS A PAINT BRUSH”. If you want to do this part time it will just take longer but you still can do it. I don’t want to put a time limit on this for success because each person is different. for example: a person who has a large family and a mega amount of friends can start selling to them over the internet and the word of mouth from them will really make them skyrocket to sales faster than a person who knew no one like me lol :0) I know alot of people now…

7. *Facebook* Extremely important to have a fan page. Build one up and post your work, pay for advertising campaigns and get people to come look at your artwork. Please note: you must have art for people to browse through before you advertise and have a website, blog or marketplace to sell from so you can post art with links to the buy page. Posting to facebook should be done every 3 hours but if you cannot do that, post at least once a day a new work or maybe a coupon for your fans to use.

Check Out My Facebook Fan Page

8. *twitter* and other sites like it – you need twitter to post your new work with link backs and establish a following – plus they have business ads.

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9. *pinterest* or other pin boards You must post your work and make an interesting page of various boards for people to want to pin from and visit.

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Please keep in mind, I am a single woman who has no kids and I work my own business 7 days a week from when I Wake to When I sleep. Occasional days off, holidays only. I go to the gym twice a day so that helps me from going crazy, but if I don’t paint and don’t list, I starve – Literally – I Live To Paint and Paint to Live – if you have a partner who will help with half the work you will get farther than most. GOOD LUCK TO ALL – Any questions please ask, I am sure I left some things out but am off to paint 5 Star Trek Portraits – Cheers :0)

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