Psychedelic Vision

New Cat and Bird Painting in graffiti style created with neon acrylic colors.

Psychedelic Vision by Laura Barbosa - display.jpg

“Psychedelic Vision” For Sale on eBay Auction at a great price for Facebook Fans. To view the auction, please go here:

The Bigfoot and The Jackalope

New Original Painting just Finished!

The Bigfoot and The Jackalope by Laura Barbosa - display

“The Bigfoot and The Jackalope” Cute Cryptid Art for Kids and Collectors of Sweet Monster Art. For Sale on eBay Auction. To view the auction, go here:

Beyond The Trees

Custom Commission (Sold) – 12×36″ Original Aerosol on Canvas.
An ethereal place beyond the trees in a distant galaxy.
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Beyond The Trees by Laura Barbosa - display



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