Quilted Fish

NEW! – “Quilted Fish” – 24 x 36″ Folk Art Painting – ORIGINAL

Acrylics on Canvas

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Quilted Fish by Laura Barbosa - display

Spirit Of The Sea

The spirit of the sea captures all the souls of marine life and humans who drop into it’s depths. Deep in the ocean she waits and collects skulls and skeletons. She is accompanied by her guardians: The Pennant Coralfish.

Created with Acrylic Paint on 12 x 12″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

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Spirit of The Sea by Laura Barbosa - display

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Aquarium ~ a New Fish Artwork

AQUARIUM was a custom order, Painted in acrylics, spraypaint and 3D plaster. The species included are the Flame Dwarf Gourami, Rainbow Shark, Neon Tetras, Tiger Barbs, Pink Snails and more.

The canvas measures 30 x 36″ and has 2 smaller paintings to match the larger one of 2 Clown Loaches and a Pearl Gourami. These 2 species of fish were created in 3D.