The Reef

The Reef is full of colorful fish hiding in its colonies of tiny animals. Teeming with life, this diverse ecosystem is home to some of the most beautiful fish in the world. Painted in hues of bright colors, this original panting by Artist Laura Barbosa is now offered as a print worldwide.

24 x 36″ Acrylics on Canvas
ORIGINAL with COA / Signed by the Artist.
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The Reef by Laura Barbosa - display


Geckos and Lizards are alive in the South and they are cute, cool and beneficial to the environment. Gecko’s are a celestial animal and are celebrated in this artwork with the sun and moon on a metallic silver background.¬†Collectible! – 8″ x 10″ Original Sgraffito Painting On Auction with Metallic Silver Highlights – Part of the “Gunmetal Series”

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Gecko by Laura Barbosa - display

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