Bigfoot Peace

I believe that we coexist with the creature known as Bigfoot. This artwork promotes Peace in Sasquatch style. 24 × 30″ Acrylic on Canvas. On Auction for 7 Days.

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Bigfoot Peace by Laura Barbosa - display


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The Matriarch

The Matriarch is an artwork representing the leader of an elephant family, which is usually the oldest Female Elephant in the tribe.

Elephants might be extinct in 10 years. When I heard this, It brought me to my knees.  To realize the significance of this event is one of major sadness and loss of life. I still have hope that man will try and stop this tragedy from happening. Please help the elephants!

The Matriarch by Laura Barbosa - display


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Midnight Chameleon – Art with Meaning

Chameleons are a cool looking Clade of Lizards with the ability to change into magnificent colors. This animal is a symbol of transformation. 8 × 10″ Acrylics and Plaster on Canvas.

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Midnight Chameleon by Laura Barbosa - Display

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