Legends is an artwork inspired by my belief in the supernatural and creatures that are said to exist but are not proven to be, yet. Bigfoot or Sasquatch has always been my Favorite Cryptid along with the Loch Ness Monster, Unicorns, Aliens, The Chupacabra, Gremlins and UFO’s. Enhanced with the colors of the rainbow, this painting becomes one of my coolest creations.

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Cloud Chaser by Laura Barbosa

Unique Vaping Art on Canvas for Modern Walls and Cool Spaces. This is a Green Alien Type Sugar Skull who Loves to Vape! It’s a Cool Graffiti Style Painting. Original, Large Hand Painted Art by Laura Barbosa.

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Cloud Chaser by Laura Barbosa - display

Contemporary Cave Have you ever wondered how fun it would be to create a cave painting?  I always wondered what primitive man used to create their art. The pigments were really a relaxing blend of what we use today, especially in modern art: rusty reds, browns and greys.

The materials I chose to create this piece were sponges, rags and brushes to make random rock surface patterns.

Making something look old is actually harder than one might think. There are many layers to this painting and the background was sponged and wiped off many times before achieving the look of cave rock.

This is art that tells a story about primitive man, the animals he lived with and what his life was like thousands of years ago.  History tells us there were even sightings of extra-terrestrials back then. I made my own story for this painting, hope you enjoy figuring it out!

The name for this artwork is: “Contemporary Cave” it measures 24 x 36″ and has 2″ gallery wrapped sides painted brown. This Modern Primitive Art is available in my ETSY STORE.




















 I LOVE sci fi, fantasy and adventure movies so I incorporate those themes into my art and developed a following for my digital fantasy creations. Kim Carlsberg, the author of a book entitled “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” subtitle “Diary Of A UFO Abductee, is currently working on another book that is a compilation of other peoples experiences and she is showcasing my art piece titled ”SHAPESHIFTER” in her new book.  THANK YOU KIM!  Prints of this work are available from $16.49 in my Imagekind STORE.