Tune Of Los Muertos

The Tune of Los Muertos celebrates loved ones who have passed and come back to visit their family and friends. This is a lowbrow street art style artwork with a folk art feel. A sugar skull singing songs that attract the spirits and souls at a Day of the Dead festival.

12x12in. Hand Painted Acrylics on Canvas. Now on Auction

Tune Of Los Muertos by Laura Barbosa - display

Cow In A Tree

A cow in a tree symbolizes hopes and dreams of the fantastical. Perfect for children’s rooms to spark creativity. An Original Painting by Laura Barbosa.

Cow In A Tree by Laura Barbosa - display

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Muse Of The Deep – Decorative Art for Home or Office Decor

This acrylic painting is decorative art for home or office decor, with hues of orange, red, gold, silver, blue and black. A mermaid in the sea holding 2 fish swimming in the ocean with swirls of color encompassing her world.