The Tune of Los Muertos celebrates loved ones who have passed and come back to visit their family and friends. This is a lowbrow street art style artwork with a folk art feel. A sugar skull singing songs that attract the spirits and souls at a Day of the Dead festival.

12x12in. Hand Painted Acrylics on Canvas. Now on Auction

Tune Of Los Muertos by Laura Barbosa - display

This acrylic painting is decorative art for home or office decor, with hues of orange, red, gold, silver, blue and black. A mermaid in the sea holding 2 fish swimming in the ocean with swirls of color encompassing her world.

It’s back by popular demand although a very different design.  There is something alive about this work of art, something that communicates to the viewer the feeling of energy and some say Love~ whatever the reason, this style of painting has opened my eyes to a new world of color application. Whats the technique? It’s a secret, but layers of paint and 3D texture. the photo does not do it justice. You can’t see the colors blending into one another or the 3rd layer of paint from the photo. It is much more brilliant in person and with varnish, it really shines. I am going to make myself one of these pieces to add color to my life! As if I don’t have enough already. 3 Sold so far and each a ONE-OF-A-KIND Creation. If you are interested in commissioning this art, please contact me at