Client Testimonials

Love this kind of art..Your one of the best ~ Cliff Brandon Richey

Laura, you are so amazingly talented Wow!!! ~ Victoria Ansaldo

You’re a great artist!!! wonderful works! ~ Francesco Paolicchi

Love the use of abstract shapes and such vivid colours! ~ Allan Jones

Your artistic ability to create is amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ~ Frances Ballou-Horner

Another beautiful piece. Thanks so much Laura. It’s getting harder and harder to leave the house!! ~ Casey Bley (Owner of 11 Paintings)

Absolutely love your use of color!! ~Elena Donofrio Castillo-Justice

I love the way you interpret spiritual things through art. Your work is great!~ Jude Maceren

Your versatility is really impressive ~ Allison Walker Payne

I find your work so inspiring. From the time I first saw your work to th e present, you continue to “wow” and amaze me. Namaste!~ Cheryl Fleming Pirkl

This is absolutely a flight into a very whimsical world. Your technique is so unique and magical! ~Rachel Goldberg (Owner of Osceola32 Gallery in Stuart Florida)

Love “YO” Paintings…The right depth, the right colours, the right composition…masterful. :-)…I enjoyed the journey. ~Leo Evans~ (Fellow Artist)

You are so awesome. you paint what i want to paint. you are what i want to be. i read some things about you and we have a lot in common except i dont like to read lol. i would like to meat you because u have become my favorite artist. I LOVE picasso too. and when i saw that you liked him to i was syced. lol and my mom and i use to go to dog shows all the time. there was always this girl who painted dogs, whoes name was laura also. i would like to know if you travel around the US. and when you reach atlanta GA. or chattanooga TN. tell me pleas. because i live in in TN now but i use to live in WI. omg ilove you lol and i hope you get to read this and respond:) thrnks for reading… ~Sarah Thompson