Arts and crafts in Mozambique This post is part of the Mozambique 2011 series. The previous post in this series is Daily life in Mozambique – hardship and happiness. As I mentioned in my previous post in this series, the local Mozambicans are artistically talented people. Their art takes many forms including wood carvings, pottery, paintings, locally made and dyed fabrics, as well as bead and shell jewelery. [caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″ caption=”Fish carvingRead More

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Inside the Artist's Studio I had the wonderful (and rare) opportunity to venture around the studio of a world famous painter. For privacy purposes I am unable to reveal his name (Sorry Folks!). You have probably seen his work around NYC at various art exhibits and street murals. His work is fun and charismatic, and it was a joy to walk around his Brooklyn work place. Enjoy! … Read More

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Tattoos: A 21st Century Perspective. via I have a fascination with tattoos. I’ve gotten really into reading the Tattoo Tuesday feature on Sometimes Sweet, and it’s so interesting to see so many different tattoos on so many different people, and to read about their significance and the process of being tattooed. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the stigma surrounding tattoos and how silly it is. Quick anecdote: toward the end of high school, I told my mom that I wanted to get a … Read More


Here's one I prepared earlier...Nightbus, Oil on canvas March turned out to be a bit of an unproductive month.  Work, doing work around the house, the garden and going out and stuff didn’t manage to find much drawing time. But did find a load of paintings in the back room that I’d done a few years back and completely forgot about. Here’s one inspired by a very long wait for the night bus a few summers back. The weathers starting to look good, so time to get back out sketching.  … Read More

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Nice Tats, Duuuude. My dad cannot believe that someone would want to mutilate their body with something as bold as a tattoo. He thinks its pure dumbassery (shut up, spell check, that is a word) to permanently ink your body up with something that you might wake up and not like the next day. And trust me, after seeing my older brother get plenty of dumb tattoos, I know that a person can seriously regret what they put on their body. However, my opinion on tattoos is n … Read More

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Hipster CrayolasBeen Done Black, Ironic Orange, Pabst Ribbon Blue, Jaded Green, Pink? Please. Saffron, Before It Was Popular, Whatever, Red Organic Fair Trade Brown “Purple” in Air Quotes So Cadmium Yellow White? Seriously? Burnt Pfft By popular demand: A hipster metallic You Wouldn’t Know It, It’s Pretty Obscure Gold … Read More

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Would You Rather Be Productive Or Creative? Serious question. I’m not persuaded one can be both all the time. We all need time to think, reflect, ponder, meander, take some detours, some of which — being immediately unproductive — lead into dead ends, some of which lead us off into totally new and hugely profitable (financially or Read More

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