I pray for world peace. This painting was started by applying a rough texture to the surface and mixing purples, pinks, blues & white. Then taking it off with a special knife. The peace sign was painted in black and the top layer was applied with my bare hands so the look of the sign has a very raw feel to it. The finishing touches of purple, lime green, white and rose colors are gloss medium splashed onto the surface in a free flowing pattern that was put together one thought at a time. This artwork was made to look like a free idea with no boundaries.

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This painting is a story of man and his exit from the earth. A cityscape with vegetation growing on and through the buildings, a parking meter with the word “Expired” and a giant rhino that finds a home in this abandoned human city. Many animals that escaped from zoos now reside in cities all over the world. The earth is re-claiming the surface and bringing back what it always was: a wild place, a living place, a beautiful place for all living things.

The Rhino is fully textured and 3D. He is the main focus and the symbol of strength. His power reflects all that is Earth.

By trying to give my city life, I used acrylic paint mixed with a medium to drip over the rooftops of my buildings. “Color My City” was meant to convey warmth and a seasonal feel to what people know and love about city life. This artwork¬†portrays how different seasons effect the look of the urban atmosphere and with each look comes different emotions. A colorful city is not only one that is pleasing to the eye but one that contains many people of different cultural backgrounds and this is what makes the city rich even in the most poor of places. “Color My City” means alot of different things to me and I am sure each viewer will take away their own feelings and thoughts about this painting.

24 x 36″ Created in 2010 and has an asking price of $250.¬†



This is a science experiment put on canvas. The colors of cool chemical mixtures and 2 black panels with movement to creat drama in any room. Perfect for Modern Interiors and Spaces that require art that is versatile and can be moved around if needed. Split up the panels any way you want and …buy some pillows to match the colors. This makes an awesome interior abstract painting with contemporary designs.


This artwork is for Serious Collectors of Goth, Macabre and Scary Art. Laura has a number of clientele that collect her “Dark Paintings”. Some of them have over 4 pieces in their homes and places of business.

This Original Raw Abstract Called “It’s Just A Meat Suit” was inspired by the TV Show ‘Supernatural’ Meat Suit is a term used to refer to the physical body.

Artist Quote “I started out painting a beautiful face of a woman and when I unleashed my subconcious mind, the paintbrush took on another direction and went straight to the macabre. My artwork is really governed by the way I feel and my spirituality. I am a huge fan of The Winchester Boys and their cool lifestyle! This painting says alot to the viewer. To me it is a representation of the physical body and encompasses the chaos of life and the undetermined meaning of death. Don’t cry, it’s just a meat suit and your soul will survive without it as you fly around the earth, cross over to the other side and visit other worlds on our quest to be one with the universe. This is me sharing myself with my gothic art collectors who understand the meaning of the work”


Title: “Roll The Dice”

Year: 2010

Medium: Acrylics & Gloss Medium on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Colors: Red, White & Black

3/4″ Sides: Painted “Red”
No Frame Needed)(Ready to hang)

Size: 2 canvas each measures 12 x 36″

SIGNED on Front & Back



Fine Art Varnish was applied to protect your artwork from UV RAYS and DIRT – DUST PARTICALS.

This is NOT A PRINT OR A GICLEE OF ANY KIND! It is a handmade, hand painted original painting that will be worth more with time. Read about why Laura Barbosa’s Art is a Good Investment. She is an Internet Best Seller that has been Published, Televised, Has Public Collections, Raises Money for Charity and has a Great Internet Presence and History. All these things contribute to the collectability of Laura’s Art.

**This is an Original Acrylic Painting** on Canvas which ships direct from the Artist’s Studio.

Shipping: Priority Mail USPS or FEDEX / Fully Insured / Delivery Confirmation / Worldwide

*** SIGNATURE: my signature is always on the front of my paintings as well as on the back. (usually Located on right side) a photo of me-the artist and a full biography is also attached to the back of each canvas.

*** COPYRIGHT: this original painting by laura barbosa is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without the artist’s written permission.

*** Registered Certificate Of Authenticity included /SIGNED/DATED