I first draw my subject matter with Prismacolor Pencils and then fill in the outlines with Art Markers. The next step is taking a Photograph of the work and uploading the finished piece into your computer editing program. I happen to use PhotoImpact 12. Once you get your artwork cut and pasted as a new image, use your photo editing tools to enhance your art. You can make your colors more vibrant, blend the colors together, warp your picture or add lighting. Whatever technique you choose will change your colored pencil drawing into a Digital Art Image, but be careful not to lose the prismacolor effect. In other words, only enhance your creation by touching it up without losing your colored pencil strokes.

Sun Meets Moon This is an original ACEO – not a print of any kind.

….Title: “Sun Meets Moon”

….Year: 2009

….Size: 2.5″ x 3.5″

….Signature: on back

*Comes in soft protective polypropylene sleeve and is extra protected by a white wove envelope. The envelope will be plain and unglued so you can see the card and add a name on the front of the envelope if you are giving it as a gift or using it as a stocking stuffer.*

Fits top loaders. Archival safe, no PVC, acid free clear polypropylene.

COPYRIGHT: this artwork by laura barbosa is protected under copyright laws and may not be reproduced in any manner without the artist’s written permission.

SHIPPING: With Ultimate Care from Artist’s Studio. USPS *Ships out NEXT BUSINESS DAY

ACEO: Art card, editions and originals * Frame It or Display it on a mini easel!

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9 contest - SCOUT

To Watch Out For Us

#10 – The Scout the others send out first to survey an area and watch out for danger. He rides his wheel like a skateboard. Getting faster and faster with every push of his right foot until he is riding his wheel and balancing on tiny beams while he sways and leans with the wind. Spinning and Agile, he watches out for them in their dangerous world. His wheel enables him to travel to places the others can’t go! He reports back to them with speed and vigilance. His right hand has the ability to spin really fast clockwise or counterclockwise for maybe turning a wheel. He stutters in speech but he is quick witted and alert. He can see a bomb coming from miles away. His senses are enhanced to make for a better watcher. His one eye can zoom in and out like a telescope. The scientist took his right eye off so he could bewilder his opponent and play dead.

I have more 9 characters in my sketchbook and my ideas are NEVER ENDING. If I don’t write them down I will lose them, so I carry my sketchbook everywhere I go.

Artist for Hire for creating characters. If you would like to view my sold and recent work: please visit my Boundless Gallery Portfolio

City GirlMy favorite medium is colored pencils. I like the control I have when drawing with a pencil and the blending capabilities of good materials. I use Derwent products and permanent Ink.

Abstract drawings are so much fun to create and have become my favorite pastime.  Being free to experiment with lines and making a variety of faces and designs for backgrounds is satisfying for the soul!  I have a small archive of pencil drawings and the subjects so far are music, horses, people and nature.

This piece is called “City Girl” which was inspired by one of my visits to Broadway in NYC. I used to hop the train from New Jersey to see plays like Miss Saigon, Phantom of the Opera, Cats etc…  I sketched this out in NY ~Penn Station.