About The Artist

Laura Barbosa is collected on an International Level and is a Published Artist with Public Collections. Her artwork has been featured on HGTV, Hair’s How Magazine, NY ARTS Magazine, Forbes & more. Her clients reside in Spain, Australia, Russia The United Kingdom, Canada and in all 50 United States.

Artist Statement:
My Artwork does not describe any one particular style, but rather my general attitude towards certain subjects or topics of our world. My Paintings convey my individuality, spontaneous thoughts and ideas. It is like a journey into the deepest corner of my mind. Others have described it as “An embarrassment of riches in a colorful world of subconscious thinking”.

Selected Exhibitions:
June 2012 – “Mermaid’s Wish” in Show at Gallery U – Red Bank, NJ
May 2010 – All America Tour – Las Vegas Art District, Nevada USA
December 2009 – All America Tour – Chalk Farm Gallery, NM USA
December 2009 – All America Tour – Miranda Gallery, Laguna Beach CA
March of 2007- Splash Contemporary Gallery in Asbury Park NJ.
(March Madness Show – 6 works on Exhibit)
July 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009- Stover Mill, 56th, 57th, & 58th Annual Tinicum Arts Festival
(Erwinna Pennsylvania – 7 Works on Exhibit)

*Published: NY ARTS Magazine 2008* Hollywood Reporter * Forbes & more
*Public Collection: Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ – Raised $7500*
*Winner, “Horse Dance”, Cultural Arts Center, Brick, NJ 2008
*Winner, Stover Mill, Acrylics Category, “Bordeaux Dog” Juried by Bill Novak, 2007
*Featured Artist: Imagekind Gallery on Sunday March 23 2008
*Featured Artist: Imagekind Gallery on Friday May 21, 2010
*Art E-Motions Contest Winner- Boundless Gallery – May 2009
*Artist of The Month – Boundless Gallery – Artist Interview – July 2009
*EBSQ Award Winner “Patrons Choice” For “Uncanny Valley” May – 2009
*EBSQ Art of the Day – For “Orange Scope” Digital Art – June, 19,2009
*EBSQ Award Winner – For “Mardi Gras” 2009
*Pug Dog Painting Licensed with ICON SHOES for their 2009/2010 collections*
*Artwork “Shapeshifter” Published in “The Art Of Close Encounters” by Kim Carlsberg
*TV Appearance: HGTV “Battle On The Block” – May 2010 – Artwork Featured “Model”
*Abstract Work: “Stigmata” Featured in “A Walk Into Abstracts” by Sue St. John*
*All Souls Procession in Tucson, AZ Picked Laura’s “3 Amigos” to Promote Their Event*

Public Collections:
2008 Fund raiser for The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs. 3 paintings of 12 Working Therapy Dog Portraits. Acrylics on Canvas – 24″ x 48″ This work is on Permanent Public Display in a HUGE collection at the St. Barnabus Health Care Facility in NJ. This Public Collection has raised $7500.00 for the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Org. to help maintain their training and education for the welfare of Patients throughout America.

Commissions: Small to Giant Custom Artworks for Home or Office _______________________________________________________________________________________

Customer Testimonials

Love this kind of art..Your one of the best ~ Cliff Brandon Richey ~

Laura, you are so amazingly talented Wow!!! ~ Victoria Ansaldo ~

You’re a great artist!!! wonderful works! ~ Francesco Paolicchi ~

Love the use of abstract shapes and such vivid colours! ~ Allan Jones ~

Your artistic ability to create is amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ~ Frances Ballou-Horner ~

Another beautiful piece. Thanks so much Laura. It’s getting harder and harder to leave the house!! ~ Casey Bley ~ (Owner of 11 Paintings)

Absolutely love your use of color!! ~Elena Donofrio Castillo-Justice ~

I love the way you interpret spiritual things through art. Your work is great!~ Jude Maceren ~

Your versatility is really impressive ~ Allison Walker Payne ~

I find your work so inspiring. From the time I first saw your work to th e present, you continue to “wow” and amaze me. Namaste!~ Cheryl Fleming Pirkl ~

This is absolutely a flight into a very whimsical world. Your technique is so unique and magical! ~Rachel Goldberg~ (Owner of Osceola32 Gallery in Stuart Florida)

Love “YO” Paintings…The right depth, the right colours, the right composition…masterful. :-)…I enjoyed the journey. ~Leo Evans~ (Fellow Artist)

You are so awesome. you paint what i want to paint. you are what i want to be. i read some things about you and we have a lot in common except i dont like to read lol. i would like to meat you because u have become my favorite artist. I LOVE picasso too. and when i saw that you liked him to i was syced. lol and my mom and i use to go to dog shows all the time. there was always this girl who painted dogs, whoes name was laura also. i would like to know if you travel around the US. and when you reach atlanta GA. or chattanooga TN. tell me pleas. because i live in in TN now but i use to live in WI. omg ilove you lol and i hope you get to read this and respond:) thrnks for reading… ~Sarah Thompson~

Artist Links:
Official Artist Website
Heart Of Art Blog
Facebook Fan Page

7 thoughts on “About The Artist

  1. AH HA! Now I know why you popped into my rabbit hole. lol
    Thanks for the like on my Mad Tea Party…but more important…WOW. Your Alice artwork scares the crap outta me and I LOVE it! What would ol’ DoDo think of this. One can only imagine. Fantastic.


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