Sugar Skull Spirits – Custom Commission

Title: Sugar Skull Spirits 2 – Custom Commission – SOLD
24 x 36” Acrylics on Canvas

Celebrating the Day Of The Dead with a Colorful Artwork of Sugar Skulls and Flowers.

Now Accepting Custom Artwork Orders! Please Contact me to be put on the list. Email The Artist:

Sugar Skull Spirits 2 by Laura Barbosa - display

Prints Available Here


2 Responses to “Sugar Skull Spirits – Custom Commission”

  1. Always so colorful. Hope sales are happening for you this Holiday Season.
    It has been a while since I checked to see everything your up to so thought I would see how you have been.
    Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair

    • Hi Patty :0)) Great to hear from you! Love your clowns! Seems like your doing really well with your art- Hope the holiday brings us both some sales and happy new customers – Cheer ~Laura

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