Dreaming of Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is Alive with Feelings of Wonder and Fantastical thoughts. “Dreaming of Mardi Gras” is a great Title for this Piece. This is a Girl with a Painted Sugar Skull Face and a Mask she is holding that represents her other Self. The Gator is a Symbol of The Louisiana Bayou and the Voodoo Doll is a picture of the Magic New Orleans Brings to Everyone who should attend Mardi Gras. Hanging out on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter Brings back Memories….. Painted with Acrylics on 8×10″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas. OSOWA 2013 by Laura Barbosa.

Now on Auction for 2 More Days – Starting BID is $34.99

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Dreaming of Mardi Gras by Laura Barbosa 2013- display

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