Turquoise Girl

Just Out Today! “Turquoise Girl” – 24×18 – This is the First Painting in my new Signature Style Series. I have been working on this technique for some time and finally created what I have envisioned! I am really excited to present this work of art to the world. This original painting is only available through SAATCHI ONLINE (prints also available)

Saatchi has an escrow service and secure buying for my clients.

Turquoise Girl by Laura Barbosa 2013 - Figurative Art

Artist Interpretation of Piece:
This artwork is meant to excite the viewer into their own interpretation. To me it is to convey the meaning of beauty and how we each see beauty in our own way. Why is she turquoise and not a typical skin color related to race of our people on earth? This is significant in that stereotypes and prejudice be demolished and to see beauty in any type, to not decide what beauty is by putting it into a category. The tattoo is to symbolize modern day trends and evolution of artistic expression through our skin. The Koi fish is a strength of purpose. Making the commitment to live out the highest possibilities available to you. Why a woman and not a man? How do you know this figure is not both? Where is the hair? Well, why is hair beautiful? Can a woman or figure be beautiful without it? One eye. Can disfigurement be beautiful? Can a person with a disfigurement be pleasing to your eye? She still has characteristics of what society has pushed to be a Model type. Big eye, big lips, small nose…. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the beholder should be free of any influences from society. It is a hard task for some to realize what beauty truly is and to realize that inner beauty can influence the outer beauty of any human being or entity. Who is to say what beauty is? Beauty is whatever you believe it to be.

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