Bestselling Pagan Erotica Novelist / Laura Stamps

This post is about someone special with a rare talent for writing. Laura sparked an interest in me right away as a fellow creative. Please read about her and check out her links below to her website, books and blog. Her blog is awesome and so fun to read. Ladies…check out the book covers WOW !! I can’t wait to buy all her new erotic series…..


LAURA STAMPS is Seelie Fey, Wiccan, and a Fey sorceress, as well as a bestselling Pagan Erotica Novelist.  Her empowering novels land on the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Erotica, Vampire Romance, and Wicca & Witchcraft Bestsellers lists several times each year. Her popular blog has been published as a series of Memoirs. A fulltime author for 25 years (55 books published), she writes empowering, very romantic, Pagan erotica with hot sexy heroes (vampires. witches, shapeshifters, Fey).

Her work has also been published in over 1000 magazines, literary journals, and anthologies worldwide. She is the recipient of a “Pulitzer Prize” nomination and seven “Pushcart Award” nominations.  Laura lives next to a state forest in an antebellum-style home with her 2 husbands, Ken and Wes. Both Alphas. Uh-oh. They constantly keep her smiling or laughing or both. Usually both.



AVD cover

Laura Stamps
Pagan Paranormal Erotica Novelist
(HOT vampires, shapeshifters, witches)
Website Books & Blog)

Kindle ebooks at Amazon ($1.99 – $2.99)

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