Some THING In My Closet – Horror Art for Sasquatch Fans

This artwork was created for the contest: MAMA (Scared Stiff) on DeviantArt. It didn’t make the semi finals so now it is for sale to the public. The texture is 3D acrylic Paint on Canvas covered with Protective Varnish. 18 x 24″ – Ships Free To the USA – Ready to Hang.  Perfect for Man Caves & Game Rooms where Scary Art makes a great Conversation Piece.

The Story Behind this Artwork: When I was a child I would have nightmares and a fear at night that there was some thing in my closet. I would lay in bed with the covers up to my neck scared to death and waiting for the closet door to open. My closet was like a portal into a dark world. My scariest memory was of a monster that looked like A Bigfoot Devil with 3 rows of teeth and half made up of wild things. One leg was part of a tree and the other half of it’s body had stuff growing out of it like a giant spider, dead skeleton people and moths flying around it. All these things add up to a creepy horror monster from hell.


    1. Your right V- Sasquatch are a peaceful bunch!! I am a big fan of the BFRO and watch anything Bigfoot related. I hope they remain elusive so nobody decides to hunt them down. Would be awesome to see one in the woods, I think :0)))


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