Great White Gobstopper – Shark VS Zombie Art

“Great White Gobstopper” is a Shark VS Zombie Original Painting. A clever way to get rid of zombies is to drop them in the ocean near False Bay (Valsbaai), South Africa or Isla Guadalupe: the volcanic island 160 miles off the coast of Baja, California. It is said that there is a Great White near Cali that weighs around 1800 pounds. That should do it for zombie extermination if the world ever succumbs to the undead plague. It’s a cool concept, so I had to paint this giant shark sucking on a zombie skull. This is the second artwork in my new series: Hard Candy – The first painting to be sold was “Crocodile Lollipop”. Measuring a huge 40″High x 30″Wide, this will be the conversation piece of any celebration in any room that can handle a shark centerpiece.

Buy Original Painting 30 x 40″ (Free Ship to USA)

Buy Fine Art Prints, Custom Framed and Mounted

Make an Offer for the Original or Buy It Now on eBay


One Response to “Great White Gobstopper – Shark VS Zombie Art”

  1. […] sure who wouldn’t be into a shark eating a zombie, come to think of it. This painting, called Great White Gobstopper by Laura Barbosa, demonstrates what might possibly be the best way to kill a horde of anemic […]

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