Sugar Skull Sweets – Abstract Folk Art Set

I have a sweet tooth lately. Just want to eat a sugar skull from Mexico. I think that’s why I am painting so many of these Calaveras. Mexican folk art really inspires me and the makers of the sugar skulls are so talented and unique in the designs they create and adorn their skulls with. While surfing the internet for sugar skull history and information I stumbled upon this website that has so much cool stuff about sugar skulls, how they are made, the history and more.

This new 2 panel artwork measures 12 x 36″ each and can be hung on the wall in a variety of different patterns. If you hang them side by side horizontally they will measure 72″ across or wide. You can even hang them vertically side by side for a unique look which measure 24″ across and 36″ tall. Hand painted with vivid acrylic paint and covered with a UV varnish, this mexican folk art original is ideal for day of the dead fans and dia de los muertos collectors.

Buy this Original Painting from Artist’s Website

Place a bid for this Folk Art set on eBay Auction

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