New Sumo Wrestler Gifts for Fun

Konnichiwa from Japan. Happy you stopped by!

Wanted to share my new Sumo Zazzle products with my blog readers. This cute SUMO was hand painted by me and cut out of an original painting. These Sumo Gifts are fun and you can choose from  “Sumo Says So” iPhone Skins, iPad Hard Shell Cases, Cellphone Covers, Sumo Buttons & Magnets, Mugs, Character T-Shirts, Ties, Throw Pillows Decorated with “Sumo Wrestler Graphic Art”, Courier Bags with the “Japanese Sumo” theme and more. New art and designs will be added to my New Zazzle Store as as soon as it is produced in my studio.  The other cool thing about using zazzle is that customers can add their own text and customize their boards. Below is an example of some of the SUMO WRESTLER PRODUCTS I have created. Click on the examples to see more. どうも有り難うございます doumo arigatou gozaimasu.

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