Living in Lenox

It’s been awhile. I have been packing and unpacking in my move to PA. What a great adventure filled with trees and flowers and many great people I met along the way. As you all know, moving isn’t easy but once your settled you feel a whole lot better! Starting to get use to the cold winter months starting sooner than I am use to. It’s September and already I need a coat in the mornings. One thing that’s so awesome about living in the mountains is that you can see every star and they are so close it feels as though you can reach out and touch them.

If you are into art or are an artist or photographer, you can really get creative here with all the flowers and wildlife. We have a friendly little chipmunk who is a permanent resident and a big toad who visits the garden for its bug variety every night. Just a cool place to paint and live.

Hunters and nature lovers thrive here and there is alot of dairy cows. The Harford fair was right down the road and it was a big deal around here. Everyone I knew went and had a great time at the tractor pull and the demolition derby, not to mention the junk food like funnel cakes and ice cream, YUM.

My purple cow painting really fits in here. I just had an art show on my street and many people stopped by to look around.

I have 2 dogs that just love the country life. My mastiff is getting use to running in the hay fields and swimming in the creek and my pug: “Hubble” discovered one of the many apple trees on the property. He picks apples off the branches and eats them. So far he has eaten about 12 apples. I guess pugs love fruit, he must be the only dog I know that even likes to eat grapefruit. 

Fun Facts about PA 

State Abbreviation – PA
State Capital – Harrisburg
Largest City – Philadelphia
Area – 46,058 square miles [Pennsylvania is the 33rd biggest state in the USA]
Population – 12,281,054 (as of 2000) [Pennsylvania is the sixth most populous state in the USA, afterCaliforniaNew YorkTexasFlorida and Illinois]
Name for Residents – Pennsylvanians
Major Industries – steel, farming (corn, oats, soybeans, mushrooms), mining (iron, portland cement, lime, stone), electronics equipment, cars, pharmaceuticals

Presidential Birthplace – James Buchanan was born in Cove Gap (near Mercersburg) on April 23, 1791 (he was the 15th US President, serving from 1857 to 1861)

Major Rivers – Allegheny River, Susquehanna River, Delaware River, Ohio River
Major Lakes – Lake Erie
Highest Point – Mt. Davis – 3,213 feet (979 m) above sea level
Number of Counties – 66
Bordering States – New YorkNew JerseyDelawareMarylandWest VirginiaOhio

Origin of the Name Pennsylvania – This state was named to honor Admiral William Penn and his son, William Penn, Pennsylvania’s founder.
State Nickname – Keystone State
State Motto – “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence”
State Song – Pennsylvania, lyrics by Eddie Khoury, music by Ronnie Bonner

Dinosaur Fossils Found in Pennsylvania – Atreipus (fossilized footprints)

(Information about PA obtained from

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