New – Hippie Art “Peace Be With You” and Also With You!

This is HUGE and very colorful. Measures 4 Feet High! Peace is always good to have around the house. This is a black peace sign with white acrylic paint drizzled on the symbol and the background is textured on each panel to give it interest. It has been splatter painted with white and dripped with black. Original and Unique – Colorful Hippie Art.

Title: “Peace Be With You”

Year: 2011

Medium: Acrylics & Texture on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

3/4″ Sides: Painted “Contemporary Black”
No Frame Needed)(Ready to hang)

Size Each: 24″H x 20″W x 3/4″D
Size Total: 48″H x 40″W x 3/4″D

SIGNED on Back


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