Osceola32 Gallery – A Hidden Treasure in Stuart Florida


Osceola32’s Gallery is filled with talented Artists and exciting events. I am honored to be a part of their future show! Come on by and see all the unique and wonderful artworks and if you are in Stuart Florida, Stop in and say Hello! 

About Osceola32

A bit of Soho in downtown Stuart. After you turn around in Confusion Corner, park in the Municipal lot and come into the gallery you will see the diversity! This magical hot spot is the newest addition to the arts scene in Martin County and just beginning to rock as it hits the one year anniversary in October.

Make sure you sign the guest book to attend the coolest openings in town.

Last October the doors opened to the whimsical watercolors of Boston Globe painter Marian Christy. She is creating magic with her palette knife technique. 

Since then it has been a delight to see the bass relief works from German artist Horst Mueller and his show partnered with the visually impaired agency run by Sue West. 

We have welcomed WeMerge Magazine to Stuart and they will partner with us to create more events similar to the one in August which rocked with live music. 

We have enjoyed many local artists including Michael Claren, digital artist from Germany, David Mayberry, neon artist, Shawna Scarpetti, artist and art therapist, and sculptures by Veronica Halverson. Miami artists Michael Enns and John Eiseman have come North to feature their works. A great international flavor has come from owner and abstract artist Michael Penn. 

Russian oil painter Helen Kagan is showing her new collection of oils in the present group show Metamorphosis, opening September 16th. 

Stay tuned… the next year calendar is almost complete. 

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