Peace Sign Art For Modern Times

Why is peace art so popular today? I am always surprised at how fast peace art and hippie paintings sell so quickly. Peace is something we need in our world more than anything! Many people pray for world peace and this style of modern art has become hip & trendy. This is a symbol that is known throughout the world. A sign that peace can someday be achieved if we all work at it together.

This is an abstract peace painting hand painted by Laura in vibrant colorful hues of blue, purple, orange, yellow, pink, fuchsia, lime green, white and black with a textured surface in a unique Jackson Pollock style.

This artwork is a handmade creation, a one of a kind abstract from Laura’s collection. This is for people who love color! Decorate your space with modern peace sign art and have a conversation piece for parties or just to enhance your decor. Buy matching pillows in any color for your couch or bedroom. This is an original painting and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Buy this original painting, view close up photos or buy fine art prints

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