It’s Just A Meat Suit

This artwork is for Serious Collectors of Goth, Macabre and Scary Art. Laura has a number of clientele that collect her “Dark Paintings”. Some of them have over 4 pieces in their homes and places of business.

This Original Raw Abstract Called “It’s Just A Meat Suit” was inspired by the TV Show ‘Supernatural’ Meat Suit is a term used to refer to the physical body.

Artist Quote “I started out painting a beautiful face of a woman and when I unleashed my subconcious mind, the paintbrush took on another direction and went straight to the macabre. My artwork is really governed by the way I feel and my spirituality. I am a huge fan of The Winchester Boys and their cool lifestyle! This painting says alot to the viewer. To me it is a representation of the physical body and encompasses the chaos of life and the undetermined meaning of death. Don’t cry, it’s just a meat suit and your soul will survive without it as you fly around the earth, cross over to the other side and visit other worlds on our quest to be one with the universe. This is me sharing myself with my gothic art collectors who understand the meaning of the work”

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