HGTV Design Star- Celebrity homes (via Design Desires)

I was looking around the blogs at wordpress this morning and found this post about Interior Design. I am a big fan of decorating ideas, David Bromstad and any kind of home decor tips. Design Star on HGTV is also one of my favorite past times. I found this post enjoyable and well written and thought I would repost it and share some ideas with my blog readers. Anything and everything related to Art, Artwork, Original Paintings, Decorating, Fine Art Prints, etc…. is always of interest to me & I hope you enjoy reading  it too ~

HGTV Design Star- Celebrity homes As much as I hate to admit it, it’s true, I’m still watching HGTV’s Design Star . I just can’t help myself, while the abundance of catalog decorating and the lack of design astound me, I keep tuning in. Last night I watched as the final 3 contestants (Lonni, Dan & Antonio) were challenged to create a space for celebrity clients- Tiffani Thiessen, Jason Priestley and Kathy Griffin.  Lonni sought to refresh Tiffani’s guest room while Dan create … Read More

via Design Desires

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