Tree Hugger – Go Green Art for Today

With the world spiraling more into the depths of greed and destruction, the earth is sadly paying a big price for human ignorance and stupidity. BP’s Gulf Oil Spill is yet another tragedy brought upon the earth by man. What will it take for the ignorant to understand that we are all a part of each other and all our we a part of this earth. My compassion goes to all the animals who are suffering and dying because of so many things, over fishing,  killing whales for food, fish nets killing countless numbers of species and so many more things, I could write until next year about.

The Painting being featured in this blog post is truly one from the HEART! “Tree Hugger” is meant to communicate the importance of our earth and environment to the viewer. A message to all the people of the earth. > Look at what we should be doing: Embracing Nature and Loving our surroundings just like we love our most cherished things.

GO GREEN, MAKE A STAND, BE HEARD and help the earth and all the animals on it! Teach your children so they can become a great race and protect their future home from destruction.

We are ALL important!! ALL OF US! No one person nor one animal should be excluded. We are all here for a reason and we all have our job and talents to work with. Treat each other as you would like to be treated and please do all you can to help the earth bounce back and become a fantastical land of peace and hope for all of us…..TOGETHER! We should never be seperated by race or status but instead be known throughout the universe as “THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH”  

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