Migraines and Art Don’t Mix

Ever try to paint while having a migraine?  No it’s no fun at all. I finally gave up after the first minute of dipping my brush in paint.  My headaches always lasts for 3 days, some say it is a hormonal thing and others say it is stress. Vomiting also accompanies this unwanted pain in the head! They seem to strike when I have a lot of orders and custom paintings are at the top of the list. I am finally migraine free but still have a bit of head cramps and I’m tired…I really have to get some medication for these crazy migraines! I tried Imitrex but the feeling was weird so I stopped. Taking NSAIDS isn’t good either because they burn an enormous hole in your stomach…The one natural cure I have tried and it worked for a couple of minutes was rubbing lemon on my temples. This seemed to relieve the pain for a while. If it’s not one thing it is another to put you back on your work orders… Migraines and Art don’t mix :0)

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