I was really upset this morning, I think I finally had enough of all the questions and all the doubt about being an Artist. A lot of my time is spent explaining to people the ins and outs of my Profession. Proving to them that Art and being an Artist is worthy of the world’s admiration and time. The first explanation of today was to a recreational artist whom paints in his free time and cannot understand why I paint decorative art and why I promote my work so much.

In my opinion, there is  a big difference in being a recreational artist and being a professional artist and it has to do with survival and what you do for a living. I happen to survive solely on the sales of my original artwork and fine art prints. A recreational artist on the other hand survives either working another job and painting on their free time for the occasional art festival and gallery show, or they are retired and paint for fun. I had to make him understand that I have high-end pieces and affordable pieces and I have to also promote my business to pay rent. It is one thing explaining art to people in other professions but explaining the business of art to another artist who does not believe in making art for money can be frustrating.

I am here to tell the world that ART is a business, a BIG BUSINESS and professional Artists also have a full-time job being an ARTIST!  An ARTIST really is a profession which deserves respect and admiration. An Artist works very hard creating and imagining and it is a shame that many people think that painting comes easy to us, that painting must be easy to us because we do it so well or that our lesser paintings that take less time must be lesser in value and looked upon as such….Where do they get this stuff and why do they think this way? I guess if I were a doctor no one would ever question what I do and why I do it.  I have spent a lot of time Proving Art …

If you are an artist and have encountered any negative words or ignorance, please leave a comment.


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