Crow Brings The Daylight

These 3 Pieces were inspired by the Inuit People and their legend of the Crow.

I was really in my zone yesterday when I was creating this artwork. I wanted to make it dramatic and just let my mind wander into another world while I was dipping my knife into the texture. I knew I had to stay in the realms of Indian culture because each piece that resembles Dream Catcher should carry on its tradition.

The red and yellow panel also has orange and pink in it and the texture is brought to the surface with dark burnt umber brown. The varnish really brings out the colors nicely. The blue piece is purple with hues of blue and the green piece has 4 different colors of green mixed and blended together. 

These paintings have a different feel from the original Dream Catcher as it is not a bright painting but rather a darker more romantic piece. Original Art with a story. A legend which fits into the color scheme by representing the dark and the gradual emergence of the light. Just as the crow brought with him light to the Inuit People who lived in darkness.

If you want some drama or a romantic vibe, this piece delivers it rather well. ~PEACE

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