Thoughts of a War Pony

I really want to get into painting another war pony like “Eagle Feathers”. I am getting the feeling of painting horses again. I love it when the freedom of my thoughts are so powerful they pre-determine the theme on the canvas. I only paint something GOOD, as I call it~ when I feel it. If I am not feeling it then I do not put the time into something so time consuming. Animal portraits take alot of planning but when I have a great idea and an overhwelming feeling of what MUST go onto the canvas, the lines and body of the animal flows and what is created combines simplicity with fantasy as is the case for my subjects of soul. You should be able to sense what the animal might be like by looking into it’s eyes. At least this is what I want you to try and do with my paintings. I am getting the feeling of a black horse and one with tremendous spirit and passion. I will be posting the finished work to this blog. Thanks or stopping by! ~CHEERS

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