About Street Art

Techniques of Street Art

Whereas traditional graffiti artists have primarily used free-hand aerosol paints to produce their works,[6] “street art” encompasses many other media and techniques, including;

Traditional graffiti also has increasingly been adopted as a method for advertising; its trajectory has even in some cases led to its artists’ working on contract as graphic artists for corporations.[7] Street art is a label often adopted by artists who wish to keep their work unaffiliated, and strongly political. Street artists are those whose work is still largely done without official approval in public areas.

For these reasons street art is sometimes considered “post-graffiti” and sometimes even “neo-graffiti.”[8] Street art can be found around the world and street artists often travel to other countries foreign to them so they can spread their designs.

Key Locations for Street Art

While practically every large city in the world and some of the larger regional towns, host some form of street art or graffiti, there are a few locations that are considered to harbour forerunners of particular mediums or foster a pioneering street art culture in general. Such locations often attract internationally known street artists who travel to these locations to exhibit their works. The following is an incomplete list of a few of the most notable locations;

  • Berlin, Germany – has attracted attention to international street artists since the reunification of the city making it one of Europe’s street art strongholds. A lot of bizarre post-communist locations, cheap rents and ramshackle buildings gave rise to a vibrant street art scene. Hotspots include; Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain.
  • Bristol, U.K. – also is part of a vibrant street art scene due in part to the success of Banksy.
  • São Paulo, Brazil – generally viewed as one of the capitals of street art, and particularly murals. The lively and colourful atmosphere of the city is reflected in the street art scene, quickly evolving into one of the biggest and best in the world, drawing in many artists from around the world to collaborate.

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