Scouting for Art

I believe in licensing my art with as many reputable companies as I can. I think it is one of the best ways to become known as an artist. Exposure is the key to success and getting your name out in the public eye is worth it’s weight in gold!

I started selling my fine art prints approximately 6 years ago on Art.Com. This was my first try at getting noticed and within 2 years, a scout from All Posters spotted my dog portraits and signed me up to license my art with their company. My original paintings are still selling today on as Giclees and Poster Prints.

After realizing that exposure gets you noticed, I started joining every free art site I had time for and eventually moved on to On line Galleries, Graphic Design Companies, Social Art Networking Sites and started my own Blog. Imagekind was next on my list and I uploaded my original paintings, digital art and graphic designs. About one year later I was contacted by a well known photographer and book author, Kim Carlsberg. She asked if she could print one of my digital works in her new book. I felt honored and very lucky that she somehow found my work on line. Kim is the Author of a book entitled “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” subtitle “Diary Of A UFO Abductee. Her new book is a compilation of other peoples experiences with alien abduction and UFO’s and she is showcasing my art piece titled ”SHAPESHIFTER” in this book. Prints of my work are available from $16.49 in my Imagekind STORE

The Most important and greatest licensing opportunity that came my way was Icon Shoes. A scout found my painting entitled “Pug Dog” in one of my on line gallery portfolios. Icon Shoes contacted me via email. They wanted to use my artwork for their handbags, golf shoes, belts, purses and accessories. I quickly researched their company and found out that Icon had become a leader in the luxury, casual-comfort category of shoes and a trend setter in handbags and small leather goods. Icon takes pride in producing beautiful, wearable works of art expressing a woman’s individuality with both function and style. If you are interested in seeing my new products please check out my “Pug Dog” at the ICON SHOES website and look for them in stores near you starting November 2009. More Icon Pug Merchandise coming out in 2010.

I am always looking for new licensing opportunities with reputable companies. My Original Paintings, Figurative Art, Animal Portraits and Graphic Designs can be used for puzzles, book covers, greeting cards, baby apparel, 3D figurines, fashion accessories & more. Please contact me directly if you are interested in licensing my art:

I’m not sure how scouts go about finding the work of artists but I do know that having your work available to view on many sites will help them to find your art. The other on line galleries, graphic design stores and art shops I use are Etsy, Boundless Gallery, Absolute Arts, Yessy, D’ART, Fine Art America, Artflock, 1000 Markets, Cafepress, Printfection, Artist Rising, Imagekind and more.

In conclusion, licensing has become my way of surviving as an artist and a great way to become known. My advice to other artists would be to join many internet art sites, start a blog and include pictures of your work, make friends with social networking and try to get your art in the public eye as much as you can! One day someone will notice and if it is what they are looking for, you may become licensed with a reputable company that will send you monthly checks and contribute to your income. ~Good Luck

Fine Artist Laura Barbosa a.k.a barbosaart


  1. Thanks so much for this valuable info. I’m hoping to totter along in the footsteps of successful artists such as yourself, and this is very helpful. I’m trying to soak up as much info as possible before doing the blog thing etc, although I have work on boundless.
    Thanks again!!


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