Artist Spotlight Interview

Tell us about your background and let us get to know the artist behind the work. What made you start creating art and how long have you been active in the arts?

1. My interest in art began as a child. I was born with a love for animals and a passion for painting. Having come from a broken home and having a lot of free time at a young age, I developed my very own art skills through experimenting with crayons and finger paints. This eventually took me down the road of art and before I knew it, I was stopping at the art store on my way home from school and found myself buying new colored pencil packs and sketchbooks with my lunch money. My complete adoration and love for animals developed from my relationship that I had with our family dog. I was fascinated with his running speed and found enjoyment in his facial expressions and funny antics. I believe these experiences molded me in the direction of animals and a true love for painting them. My art grew more and more with each passing day. In High School my favorite pastime was doodling and eventually I doodled my way into an art class.

I started a home business when I was 16 which was all about capturing people’s favorite photos with fabric paint onto sweatshirts and sold them at a fair price to many students and their family members. I was making a decent living at a young age with nothing more than a few bottles of paint, an airbrush and a pack of generic sweatshirts. My dream ended when I had included an older woman who was in her thirties that saw the money making idea and wanted it for herself. I was very naive and did not see her as anything more than a nice person who loved my art. She made her way into my home and offered me a deal. The deal was that I painted the scenes and animals onto the sweatshirts and she would add sparkling decorations onto the artwork and we would split the profits and sell them together. Well, one day I left her alone in my work room and she had left with all my supplies. Later, I heard from the grapevine that this woman was selling my designs. I never knew what became of her after that, but she stole the very essence of my existence and left me discouraged, frustrated and without enough money to buy more supplies. That was the end of my teenage art business. I continued my art education into college and rebelled against the rules! I later left the campus to find my own path down the fascinating and wonderful world of art.

What do people love most about your work?

2. I Believe my clients look forward to a never ending NEW IDEA! The one thing I hear most is: “I can’t wait to see what you come up with next”. My emotions and thoughts pre determine what is going to develop on the canvas. I work from the subconscious mind and many times I will wake up with an idea every morning. There are so many ideas in my head that I need to carry a sketchbook with me day and night to jot down the thoughts coming from my head. I have been known to be in the middle of a conversation and have to excuse myself to sketch an idea in my book before I lose it. This is the beginning of my creative process and from this point I cannot wait to get to my studio to start painting. I work mainly with acrylics and ink. I like to use them together to achieve the effect I want. For my abstracts I prefer thick acrylic paint and using the palette knife to mix and push the paint around the canvas. I don’t like using brushes and have come to love the sponge and the use of my finger for blending but for my animal portraits, brushes are needed for detailing and creating fur. On occasion, I will dip my whole hand in paint and start creating to see what I come up with. If the subject matter is very specific then it must be planned out. For example, my animal portraits are carefully calculated before I begin.

3. The best thing about being an artist is having a non conformist lifestyle. Every day wields new ideas and interesting outcomes. I believe that if we embrace what we love, it shows the world who we are. I enjoy every minute of being a full time artist.

Where do you sell your art?

4. I sell my art from many different on line galleries and websites. You can find my work on: Etsy, Boundless Gallery, Absolute Arts, Yessy, D’ART, 1000 Markets, Artflock, Imagekind, Allposters, Art dot Com, Artist Rising, Cafepress, Printfection and Coming Soon – My Personal Artist Website.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

5. I am always looking for new licensing opportunities with reputable companies. My Original Paintings, Figurative Art, Animal Portraits and Graphic Designs can be used for puzzles, book covers, greeting cards, baby apparel, 3D figurines, fashion accessories & more. My art is currently licensed with Icon Shoes and will be available November 2009.

Some of my accomplishments:

*Published: NY ARTS Magazine 2008* Hollywod Reporter * Forbes & more

*Public Collection: Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ*

*Winner, “Horse Dance”, Cultural Arts Center, Brick, NJ 2008

*Winner, Stover Mill, Acrylics Category, “Bordeaux Dog” Juried by Bill Novak, 2007

*Featured Artist: Imagekind Gallery on Easter Sunday March 23 2008

*Art E-Motions Contest Winner- Boundless Gallery – May 2009

*Artist of The Month – Boundless Gallery – Artist Interview – July 2009

*EBSQ Award Winner “Patron’s Choice” – For “Uncanny Valley” May – 2009

*EBSQ Art of the Day – For “Orange Scope” Digital Art – June, 19,2009

*Pug Dog Painting Licensed with ICON SHOES for their 2009/2010 collections*

*Artwork “Shapeshifter” Chosen by Well Known Writer for NEW BOOK (Kim Carlsberg)

Stay Tuned for my new etsy shop. I will be selling Art dolls and sculptures. Check my etsy store soon for a link to the new shop!

I believe that Art is the best investment you will ever make. Where else can you purchase a piece of someone’s soul? Where on earth will you ever own a special painting found nowhere else. This is the best foot I can put forward into theworld that leads my clients into a window where they can peer into my soul and maybe find something they can relate to. Maybe find a part of me that is also a part of them. After all, we are all connected in some way.




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