Get a 7-Day FREE TRIAL of a ZIBBET Premium Store for Your Products!

Zibbet is offering a special 7-day free trial of a premium shop to ALL Sellers of handmade items !!

ADVANTAGES: Copy your etsy listings to your FREE  Zibbet store Customize the colors, banner and change your photo sizes. Add Widgets and Videos. Advertise your Facebook Fan Page and much much more!

Sign up to Zibbet

(Enter your coupon code on the last page after signing up for your account.) CODE: FREETRIAL

More about ZIBBET: 

  • Zibbet is more than just another Handmade website. It’s a non-exclusive community where belonging has considerable advantages. 
  • Joining Zibbet is extremely easy, FREE (of course) and definitely very rewarding with so many ways to connect made available to you as a member.
  • Having made the decision to join Zibbet you will be able to add artisans as a favorite, receive emails when your favourite’s list a new item, add items to a personal wish list, make direct contact with an artisan, receive great emails from Zibbet and much more.
  • Oh yeah . . . don’t forget, you’ll need to be a member in order to buy. All correspondence for your purchases are made through your Zibbet account. All we need is an email address! 
  • Another great way to connect with an items creator is to view an artisans profile. This will give you great insight into the genius behind the masterpiece. Whilst visiting an artisans shop be certain to read their individual shop policies.
  • As you survey the many marvelous works on display, remember that there are 35 different categories to browse, within our 4 main categories of Handmade, Fine Art, Vintage and Supplies. Don’t be surprised when you find just what you’re looking for and something else you didn’t know that you couldn’t live without! 

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