Boundless Gallery Gets NEW Facebook App

Boundless Gallery programmers have just completed their new Facebook ‘My Art’ application that allows you to import your entire Boundless inventory onto a tab on your Facebook profile. This means all your connections on Facebook can become customers and collectors of your work. The new ‘My Art’ tab displays all your pieces, and has a drop-down menu of your ‘My Folders’ for people to narrow the selection. You are basically adding another digital store front for selling your pieces!

If you are already a member of Boundless Gallery… can install the app through your Boundless ‘Account’ page and look for the Facebook icon in the ‘Announcements’ section. The link will take you where you need to go…

If you are an artist interested in joining Boundless, please Click Here

PS – Don’t forget to become a facebook fan of Boundless

See my Boundless Gallery portfolio and get 25.00% off all orders $100 or more. Expires: Sep 23, 2009 (click on art to see coupon)

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