Vampire Diaries

Cool Show.  Really liked how they started with the killing right from the start. Call me sick~ but that was a great way to capture my attention. Great cast, seems like everyone fits their character and Paul Wesley is such a favorite of mine. Gorgeous too so that doesn’t hurt. He plays an awesome vampire as I knew he would. In wolf lake he was a great werewolf and a convincing angel in Fallen. The leading lady is really pretty and an awesome actress so it looks like the show will definetly become a hit with vampire fans.

What is it about the vampire that is so alluring, so sexy and so interesting?

Awaken to darkness on this place we call Earth,
One vampire’s bite brings another one’s birth.
A vampire wakes with blood thirsty needs
On the warm rich sensation he feels when he feeds.
He stalkes the night like a disatrous beast,
And once was alive will soon be deceased.
So when the last bit of sunlight disappears from the sky,
You better watch out unless you want to die
Victoria Boatwright

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