Bigfoot Data

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by Marge Davenport, Journal Staff Writer
November 26, 1969

Harrison Hot Sprints, BC — John Green, author of “On the Track of the Sasquatch” and editor of the Agassiz-Harrison Herald says new evidence of a Bigfoot in Alberta, Canada holds promising evidence of the existence of the giant creatures.Green, a Columbia University Journalist who is publisher of the weekly paper in this beautiful easy-going little Canadian valley has made trips to more than 1100 scenes of Sasquatch sightings in Oregon, Washington, California and Canada during the past 12 years.

He recently visited Big Horn Dam, near Nordegg, Alta, where 5 workmen spotted a mysterious figure at least twice as big as a man.

Green says that he talked to others in the area including Indians who report they have seen “giant creatures” six or seven times recently. “But they are not providing any details. Their attitude is that the creature or creatures are not bothering them, so why bother the creatures?” Green explained. He added that they are “physically afraid and don’t want the creatures antagonized.”

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Article courtesy Jerry Riedel
February 17, 2003

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