Geek Contest by Microsoft

Post from Threadless Tees

Attention Threadless geeks! The time has come for us to be unashamed of our quest for outrageous knowledge, our intellectual and social quirks, not to mention our big and busy brains. We believe being a geek should be celebrated. It’s a badge of honor, a compliment, so it’s about time we gave it proper digni-TEE!

Your challenge is to design an amazing tee based on geek-dom!!

Your awesomely geeky tee could net you some mind-blowing loot, courtesy of Microsoft and instant fame,* courtesy of The Society For Geek Advancement. Plus, Microsoft will be donating $2500 to #blamedrewscancer in the chosen designer’s name!

So what do you say? Are you in? Then geek out!

*instant fame not guaranteed

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