Pirate Portrait Art

Captain Barbosa 40 x 30"

Mixed Media on canvas. Acrylics and Ink with 3 coats of uv protective varnish. I used a dry brush technique to blend all the colors of the face and clothes. The muskets were created with a first layer of dry brushed acrylics topped with ink for detailing.

This Painting is a huge 40″ tall and 30″ wide. It is one of my best pirate portraits to date. Since my ancestry dates back to the times of red beard, I thought it only fitting to start painting pirates. This acrylic painting was created out my fantastical thoughts and wishes to someday be transported into the world of the pirate. Captain Barbosa was on display at the Tinicum Arts Festival for 2 days this July 2009 in PA. While hanging in the gallery, many people had to stop and take a look. Pirate Gifts and Collectibles are one of the hottest items of our time. I guess it is because of the popular movie: Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp which is one of my all time favorites! I love all the characters and will be creating more art from Dead Man’s Chest very soon so stay tuned for more.

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