Popular Kokopelli Art



I never knew what a kokopelli was until I looked up popular collectible art. Wow, these cute little dudes playing music and chanting to the gods really capture people’s attention. I think it is really a belief rather than anything else. Believing in good luck and supernatural powers of the kokopelli is fun for the subconscious as well as the conscious mind. I am also a fan of this little mythological creature so I chose to create kokopelli art. My first endeavor was a mix of acrylic pant and plaster. The painting in this blog SOLD at first auction on ebay and since then I have made it into prints for many clients who love the kokopelli. Working with plaster on this piece was alot of fun and created a very unique style. Getting dirty while creating art was always something I loved to do and still do at the age of 42. Carving into plaster while it is still wet on the canvas is just fun! This work of art was sealed with a UV varnish and shipped to Florida bringing the new owner much good luck. enjoy~

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