Art for Home Staging

6 Original Abstract Paintings for Home Staging

6 Original Abstract Paintings for Home Staging

I have decided to start Specializing in Unique Originals for Home Staging and Home Decor. I am currently working on New Contemporary Abstract Paintings for Offices and Business establishments with CUSTOM COLOR COMBINATIONS to match their spaces. My first love is really working with individual home stagers to supply a flow of constant art custom designed with colors to match their furniture etc…At the current time I am taking on new clients and dedicating myself to decorating their entire homes for staging purposes. I can only take one or two constant clients at a time. All my work is handmade but should be cheaper than framed prints.  The gallery canvas I use has no staples on the sides and needs no frame, ships ready to hang.  You can order the sizes you need for behind the couch or any wall space. I am offering FREE SHIPPING TO ALL USA RESIDENTS and Free consultations. Orders must come in ahead of time because I am one artist living on my work.  If you are interested ….please send me a message! ~CHEERS


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