Public Collection Raises Funds For Important Charity – by Laura Barbosa Portfolio

This Public Collection has raised $7500.00 for the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Organization to help maintain their training and education for the welfare of Patients throughout America. All Three Paintings are on Permanent Display at The Community Medical Center in Ocean County…99 Highway 37 West, Toms River New Jersey 08755 HOSPITAL PHONE: (732) 557-8000 Measuring 48" wide x 24" high, There are three paintings that make up this collection of "Bright and Beautiful". They represent 12 working Therapy Dogs whom are members of the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Organization in Morris Plans NJ. Laura worked on these paintings for many months and is very happy to present "Bright and Beautiful" to the public and is also honored in having these artworks on display at the Community Medical Center in Toms River, NJ. The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that evaluates, tests, trains, qualifies and assists therapy dog/handler teams in order to provide loving, nurturing and empathic visitation in nursing homes, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, senior residences, schools, private homes, and other locations where emotional service dogs are indispensable. All proceeds from the sales of the originals will be given to the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog Organization to help further their important charity. Laura sold each painting for $2500.00 each. The Medium used was acylics on gallerywrapped canvas sealed with a satin varnish to ensure longevity. The Artist hopes to make a yearly contribution to change the world for the better and give animals and people hope that money can be raised through the sales of her artwork to help raise funds for important charities, medical research, endangered species conservation, helping homeless pets find good homes, abolish poverty, promote peace and save the earth, one cause at a time with the belief that one person CAN change the world! If you would like to visit this collection: Please go to the HOSPICE floor waiting room, Ground Level- Outpatient Radiology and the 4th Floor ONCOLOGY UNIT.

View Pictures Of Artwork in Public Collection Portfolio

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