Pleasing Palette Knife Artwork – by Laura Barbosa Portfolio

I am very pleased to be working with the palette knife again after the last 2 years of primarily brush work. Using the palette knife is yet another style to explore and it has become a very exciting and educational learning experience for me. I just LOVE the idea of using a knife to blend colors and create depth in my artworks. What a great look and feel to new pieces!! Acrylics are my specialty and using heavy body paints has given me a new window into the world of art.

Here are some examples of my new pieces in my studio which are so new that I have not even uploaded them to my premium portfolio yet.

Title: Country Window Created with Just A PALETTE KNIFE.

Title: True Story (Palette knife)

Title: Contemporary Tree (Palette Knife Background)

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you found it to be interesting or even educational. If you are a Buyer and would like to know about my latest work for 2008, email me. I would love to speak with anyone interested in my art and hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!

Full Time Artist: Laura Barbosa….Specializing in Figurative Abstracts, Unique Animal Art, Visions of the Surreal, Religous, Spiritual and Visionary works for the New Age!!! Portfolio

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